ConneX Solar

ConneX Solar at the University of Strathclyde is a group of students developing plug-and-play smart DC network controllers for a bottom-up electrification in the Developing World.

About ConneX Solar

The Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, UK, is home to the largest power systems research institute in Europe. The Department also hosts the Energy for Development (E4D) research group, which established a track record over the past decade for implementing large scale research programmes that have focused on providing affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy for the most remote communities in Malawi, Gambia and India. Strathclyde’s E4D research is dedicated to engaging research staff, post-graduate researchers, and critically, undergraduate students (through its flagship Vertically Integrated Projects for Sustainable Development Programme) in appropriate engineering to deliver scalable and sustainable energy solutions that can increase energy access, reduce energy poverty and improve the life prospects of remote rural communities across the Global South. ConneX Solar is a fledgling spin-out from Strathclyde’s E4D research group, which seeks to deliver affordable, reliable and scalable energy access solutions that can transform the lives of poor rural off-grid communities. ConneX Solar is an interdisciplinary team of students formed in 2016, developing plug and play microgrid technology that will transform off-grid electrification in the developing world. ConneX Solar’s Smart Power Management System for interconnected SHS microgrids is a plug-and-play control module for DC interconnection between SHSs that enables peer-to-peer electricity trading in an off-grid environment. As a result, customers with limited demand due to their SHS capabilities can now add extra appliances step-by-step on a PAYGO basis; SHS owners can generate income from excess energy trading; and those unable to afford SHSs can affordably connect directly to these new networks. As winners of the Iberdrola Scottish Power Challenge and Proptech Challenge at the University of Strathclyde, ConneX Solar continues to develop its technology and conduct field trials in Rwanda with a support of one of the biggest SHSs providers – BBOXX.

ConneX Solar's Empower a Billion Lives Field Test




To address a range of key questions surrounding the solution; testing the lab scale prototype in the field and also gathering a range of qualitative and quantitative data to measure the social and economic impact of the technology.

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