Entrepreneurs du Monde

Entrepreneurs du Monde is an International NGO created in 1998 with the objective to tackle extreme poverty by supporting people’s own entrepreneurial ventures and giving them access to products that can bring significant health, economic and environmental benefits.

About Entrepreneurs du Monde

Cambodia, Philippines and Myanmar represent 174 million inhabitants out of which 106 million are leaving in rural areas. Out of them, 84% remain untapped in Myanmar, 65% in Cambodia. The Philippines has better electrification rate but 2.4 million rural households are not connected to the grid. In total, 41 million people in rural areas are using inefficient means to light their houses or leave in the dark, which has two main consequences. First, they lack phone charging capacity as well as productive means for their agriculture work and small business, which leads to the lowest yield from their activities. Second, they use inefficient, hazardous and expensive alternative energy solutions such as kerosene, charcoal or car batteries, which affects their health, budget and environment. Entrepreneurs du Monde has partnered with Okra to tackle energy scarcity in remote areas of South-East Asia by scaling-up ground-breaking solar and modular micro-grid network to the households who need it the most and at a price 5 times cheaper than any other off-grid solutions. To achieve this goal, EDM, will implement Okra technology through an inclusive approach empowering local households. Okra technology is twofold: first, a charge controller that sits on every house in the network and enables any off-the-shelf panel + battery to connect together into a micro-grid. If a household has a controller, it can both share and receive power. More controllers can be added to the network at any time, and there is no limit to how many can join. Second, a Software as a Service Platform that remotely monitors generation + consumption and manages payment. SaaS also ensures most efficient breakdown of power storage through the entire network in real-time. Project will bring the cheapest off-grid solution to electrify entire villages and provide enough power to run productive use of energy.

Entrepreneurs du Monde's Empower a Billion Lives Field Test




To gather data on rural electrification rate from Electric Cooperative and conduct field assessment survey: load needs of the villages and households, standards of living etc.

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