Green Spark

Team GreenSpark combining multi-disciplinary background, focusing on the power shortage in sub-Saharan Africa, innovatively designed the operation mode of " distributed power generation in farmland -- centralized power storage in public space -- fragmented power supply by batteries", and formulated the corresponding system model of "points exchanging for power"

About Green Spark

The proposed plan took sub-Saharan Africa as target rural planning area, focusing on its energy shortage and inadequate urbanization. The land of Sahara is fertile, and agriculture is their first productivity. In the proposal, local solar energy resources are used to install photovoltaic power generation systems in the farmland. Power generated from the photovoltaic system are transported concentrated to the storage batteries installed in the specially designed modular building (MB). MBs are built on public space to accommodate batteries. Multiple MBs can also be assembled into different spatial forms according to the subsequent functional requirements, such as shop, school, clinic and etc. Residents use points system to trade electricity. The power generation of photovoltaic panels and output of grain can be converted into points. At the same time, an O2O platform is built and MBs are used as the carrier of information. On this platform, providers of goods and service can show product information. Families with diverse demand for electricity can buy household appliances on the platform; households who want to increase grain production can rent or buy photovoltaic agricultural equipment and bio-fertilizers. In the future, the village would be developed into town and city progressively with more established facilities.

Green Spark's Empower a Billion Lives Field Test




To check whether the equipment performance and feasibility of the scheme meet the technical and commercial requirements of the competition.

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