Simusolar provides farmers and fishers with the IoT-enabled tools they need to improve productivity and income.

About Simusolar

Simusolar makes productivity enhancing equipment affordable and accessible to farmers through seasonal lease-to-own purchase plans and smart (IoT) Simusolar technology integrated into every system. Our solar water pumps and other equipment, sourced from the best manufacturers globally, increase farm yields and income for our clients. Through our Simu-ware we secure their systems AND increase the system's utility. From pump design to agronomic support to market access, our goal is not just irrigation but greater yields, profit, and sustainability of smallholder farms around the globe, starting in East Africa.

Simusolar's Empower a Billion Lives Field Test




Building off existing traction of 150 pumps in Northern Tanzania, demo additional regions with new sensory technology, make sales and/or installations of 10 Solar Water Pumps, and collect and evaluate data from systems; Survey clients.

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