Solageo provides women and their households with sustainable and inclusive access to safe water and clean energy for healthier and more productive livelihoods.

About Solageo

According to the IFC’s Safe Water for All initiative, diarrhea is a leading cause of death among children under 5 years of age, while 443 million school days are lost every year because of water related illnesses (WHO and UNICEF). Water collection, and management of both water and energy resources in households in many developing regions are usually handled by women. Empowering women, therefore, can have a significant impact on those households. Research by Deloitte Consulting LLP indicates that gender inequality is strongly correlated with national poverty levels. The research also shows that energy access programs coupled with meaningful income generating activities can play a critical role on both fronts. Hence, Solageo’s mission is sustainable and inclusive safe water and energy access for women and their households. We provide high-capacity, yet affordable solar systems to our global partner network that power our unique UV water purification device while also providing energy services such as lighting and mobile phone charging. Through our country partners, we engage local health clinics to recruit and train women microentrepreneurs in their local community. The women microentrepreneurs distribute the solar water systems to local households, training the women in the households on the products while also educating them on proper health and hygiene practices to ensure all household members truly benefit from safe water and energy access. Appropriate product solutions distributed in an inclusive manner is important, however, so is the ability to finance the entire operation. As the solar water systems incorporate smart technologies, they can be remotely monitored and activated. This allows us to make the energy services available on a more affordable pay-per-use basis. Recurring payments are made through a mobile banking platform that includes blockchain backend resources, providing us with verified energy and water consumption data. Ultimately, through Solageo’s online platform, we are able to link distributed energy and water services with distributed crowd funding resources so as to finance the purchase of the solar water systems.

Solageo's Empower a Billion Lives Field Test




To demonstrate all systems in operation, the field testing will be: - Water Source Identification & Testing plus Benchmark Data Gathering - Education and Training Curriculum Development - Recruitment of first woman micro-entrepreneur - Solar Kit Sales - Data Gathering and Results

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