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Xpower designs, builds and operates next generation solar microgrids for rural electrification. Combining mains AC and low voltage DC, these grids are optimised for cost, yet designed to scale with users' needs over time.

About Xpower Inc.

Current approaches to rural electrification fall short by either costing too much, or delivering too little. Xpower's grids combine low cost DC connections for households, with high power AC connections for businesses. Combined with our advanced metering and control solutions, this allows us to provide service at a cost significantly below the minigrid competition, whilst still being able to deliver the productive power that solar home systems are not capable of. A power socket is not enough to deliver development in these rural areas, and Xpower recognises this by taking a holistic approach to rural development. By working with partners, and through our own initiatives, we aim to stimulate local demand by financing productive use appliances and providing business support services. The long term goal is to be more than an electricity provider, leveraging our infrastructure and logistical capabilities to deliver follow-on services for our rural customers. The first of these is internet, where we are performing pilots in collaboration with Microsoft.

Xpower Inc.'s Empower a Billion Lives Field Test




To deploy aspects of Xpower solution which have yet to be field tested, and to review impact data that is already being collected from solutions that have already been in testing throughout Rwanda.

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