SolarWorX is a Berlin-based start-up, designing and manufacturing the next generation of solar pay-as-you-go solutions sold on a B2B basis to distribution partners across sub-Saharan Africa and beyond. Our state-of-the-art technology is specifically designed to the challenging needs of the 1.4 billion people worldwide still living without access to energy. Our innovative modular system not only provides off-grid households with electricity and light, but is proactively enabling off grid communities to use energy productively and generate additional income.

About SolarWorX

Our business case is as unusual as provoking. For the first time we provide utilities/solar distribution companies on a B2B basis with the appropriate technology to achieve unprecedented flexibility: we marry rural and decentralized bottom-up electrification with actual grid extension - from a solar system for lighting and TV, to productive use like solar irrigation, up to an integrated solar DC Microgrid that allows connecting SolarWorX solar systems as well as existing third party systems. To put it in a nutshell: our unique & modular solar systems can grow like LEGO, talk like Siri, be installed as easy as IKEA furniture. AND: they can be interconnected to form a smart Microgrid. SolarWorX devices are already integrated with the most popular Software-as-a-Services platforms used by off-grid Distributors which allows us to integrate our Technology seamlessly into the existing Distributor processes and their micro-Finance payment schemes. However, SolarWorX is more than just technology. Our experienced team consisting of off-grid experts have long-term first hand distribution experience electrifying a total of 500,000 people in rural Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda by working in the founder teams of pioneering off-grid companies. This experience enables us to provide an in-depth on boarding service to each new distributor, enhancing their operational processes as part of our customer acquisition. With great success we are currently testing our modular solar systems in collaboration with distributors in West-Africa while monitoring the devices remotely from Africa and Germany.

SolarWorX's Empower a Billion Lives Field Test




To install the SolarWorX solution, conduct trainings, gather data and test the smartgrid.

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