Competition Requirements

Target customer community

Solutions are expected to serve customers with the following characteristics and needs.

Primarily off-grid

Tier 0-1 energy access

Purchasing power
below $1.90 per day

Living in rural areas

Limited access to banking

<50% have bank accounts

Using feature phones

<40% have smartphones

Energy needs

Solutions must provide Tier 2 energy access (200+ watt hours per day), which includes:

Household uses

Household uses include: single house lighting, phone charging, telecommunication, entertainment, air circulation, refrigeration, water pumping, home cooling, smart cooking, electric two- and three-wheeler charging, etc.

Community uses

Community uses include: multiple home solutions for public lighting, water pumping & purification, education and health facilities, etc.

Productive uses

Productive uses include: agriculture processing, light manufacturing (sewing, pottery, weaving, carpentry), construction, food processing, commerce, new incoming opportunities, etc.

Competition tracks

The competition has four tracks, arranged by type of model and type of solution. For more details, refer to the competition guide.


Commercially available Solutions

At least 1000 active end customers

Emerging solutions

Less than 1000 active end customers

Track 1

Decentralized models

End user owns the generation assets

Track 1A

Example solutions could include: solar home systems, pay-go systems

Track 1B

Example solutions could include: new household-level ideas that may interconnect

Track 2

Centralized utility models

Company owns the generation assets and provides services to the end users

Track 2A

Example solutions could include: mini- and micro-grids

Track 2B

Example solutions could include: Top-down solutions with a system operator

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