Develop scalable solutions to address global energy poverty

The competition will open July 1, 2024, for new 3-page Concept Papers which are due by November 1, 2024.

Register your team for updates as soon as you have a Team Leader for direct correspondence and guidance for the competition.

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Why Compete?

Learning opportunity
Learn about one of the most pressing issues facing humanity from experts in the field

Huge untapped market potential
A market of unserved people is one of the largest market opportunities today

Winners of the online round and the global round will be featured on press releases, social media, and various media outlets

Participate in banquets and other social events with participants active in the sector

Field pilot
Teams selected to field-test will be provided a letter from the competition to assist with fundraising to offset their costs.

Significant Prize Monies
Amongst Global Final winners over $1 Million USD in prizes and team support has been distributed.

New for EBL 2025:  Track prizes on Clean Cooking and Local Entrepreurship.


1. Online rounds

The Concept Paper is open for submission on 1 July 2024 and the 3-page proposal is due 1 November 2024. Though a Concept Paper is not required, submitting one provides your team with expert reviews and comments for bettering your Full-Proposal.

The Full Proposal is open for Submission on 1 January 2025 and due 28 February 2025.

2. Field test

Invited teams complete a field pilot in an approved region of their choosing. Exceptions are made for Student Teams.

3. Global Final

December 2025
IEEE PELS Southern Power Electronics Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Invited teams demonstrate the ruggedized prototypes, field test results, and final business plan.

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