As part of the ongoing effort to facilitate a conversation among energy access stakeholders, IEEE PELS organized a global virtual workshop on June 30, 2021, with two expected outcomes:

  • Improving understanding of the needs and capabilities of various stakeholders, continuing the dialogue on collaboration, and exploring ways in which such collaboration can occur. With its global presence and technology expertise, IEEE could play a role in providing unbiased guidance on technology opportunities, developments, and their impact, the need for which has been expressed in conversations with various stakeholders. IEEE PELS is inviting the Energy Access community to come together, sharing input and guidance, and facilitating collaboration to address the pressing set of issues that can influence the achievement of timely impact at scale.
  • IEEE-PELS is launching EBL-II and invites your participation and support to ensure that it is organized and executed for maximum impact. EBL leverages IEEE resources and volunteer time to cover administrative and operating costs, realizing a unique funding model where most of the funding received from outside sponsors and supporters is directly used for EBL teams and awards.

This workshop can be viewed HERE

The workshop will feature leaders from the energy access field to provide
perspective and a vision of how viable solutions may be developed and deployed at scale. Invitees include a mix of people from academia, industry, NGOs,
key international and governmental organizations.